Wyze V2 Camera: Tear-In

One of my Wyze V2 cameras either arrived with dead IR hardware or failed early on in its tenure here, but it simply didn’t work in night-vision mode: the IR LEDs didn’t turn on and the IR-cut filter didn’t move. Neither the Official Wyze App nor the Xiaomi-Dafang Hacks firmware had any effect, so I expected a (possibly simple) hardware problem.

The first hint of trouble was finding the case had only one of the two screws securing its bottom lid, with the missing screw having never been installed. Removing the single screw and prying a bit popped the lid, revealing the innards:

Wyze V2 - interior bottom view
Wyze V2 – interior bottom view

The rear panel (on the right) comes off after abusing the snaps holding it to the main case:

Wyze V2 - rear panel snaps
Wyze V2 – rear panel snaps

That’s best done with a small, designated Prydriver, rather than a screwdriver to which you have a deep emotional attachment.

The corresponding part of the main body shows less abuse:

Wyze V2 - case snaps - WiFi antenna
Wyze V2 – case snaps – WiFi antenna

The black patch is the WiFi antenna, which you must unplug from the top board before going much further.

The small blue wedge below the antenna gave me hope I’d found the root of the IR problem:

Wyze V2 - mis-closed ribbon cable
Wyze V2 – mis-closed ribbon cable

Everybody has trouble with those delicate ribbon cable socket clamps!

While I had the case open, I extracted everything and looked it over:

Wyze V2 - front PCB - LED pin soldering
Wyze V2 – front PCB – LED pin soldering

The IR LED soldering left a bit to be desired, so I touched up those joints and washed off most of the flux.

Alas, the IR hardware still didn’t work with everything stuffed back in the case. There are worse things than having a small daylight-only IP camera, though.

So it goes …

5 thoughts on “Wyze V2 Camera: Tear-In

  1. If it’s too dark you can always use the desk lamp you repaired the other day.

  2. I like to use old credit cards to open plastic cases. They are softer then any case I tried them on and never leave any marks. For best performance, I thin the corners by scraping with a utility knife to make them sharp. Cards don’t fare well in these encounters, but supply is steady :)

    1. Great idea! I knew I’ve been saving all those cards for something!

      The latches between the rear panel and the case snap into an assemble-only joint; I very nearly wrecked the case before the first one popped apart.

      As the saying goes, if brute force doesn’t work, you’re not using enough … [grin]

      1. other thing that works really well when you don’t want it to is dropping stuff on the floor :)

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