Cart Corral Reassembly

Apparently, cart corrals last about four years and, with this refresh, the assemblers got it right:

Improved WalMart cart corrals
Improved WalMart cart corrals

All the white-on-blue marker signs up on the poles seem to be top-side-up, too.

Of course, not many people bother returning their carts to the corrals, but the bewilderment factor should be lower now.

And, yes, the previous mis-assembly remained uncorrected. I can’t take credit for the replacement, even though it happened during my adminstration …

3 thoughts on “Cart Corral Reassembly

  1. Bewilderment factor indeed, I should wear rose colored glasses with blinders and mechanical shutters whenever leaving the compound. I only wish I could forget some of the things I have seen.

    1. If only vision had a Backspace key … just a few seconds would suffice.

      Maybe it’ll be an extra-cost feature after I’m uploaded?

      1. An adjustable version of the pen from Men in Black. Seems rather risky though to go from “what was I doing?” to “who am I?”

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