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Blog Post Summary - 2018-12-24
Blog Post Summary – 2018-12-24

At this late date, the RepRap site has a much better G-Code reference, at least for the weird and wonderful assortment of 3D printer commands.

Given that I’m at best a secondary reference for Toyota Sienna ABS trouble codes, things must be getting grim out there in the minivan crowd.

And, as always, houses (and especially plumbing) are trouble!

As for everything else, well, it’s just me and my shop notes …

WordPress reports 101 k ad impressions per month for 24.6 k “page views”, suggesting most folks see four ads per page. If you’re not using an ad blocker, start now!

Those seem to be the most aggressive (and thus highly desirable to advertisers) video ads, because WordPress pays me a whopping 8¢ per kilo-impression; a few percent of the Youtube rate. The numbers are dropping, though, suggesting ads will never push me into the ranks of the thousandaires.

Now you know.