Motel Room Safe: Whoops

We spotted a pile of room safes in one of the motel stairwells:

Motel Room Safes in stairwell
Motel Room Safes in stairwell

Judging from what we found in the room, it’s out with the old and in with the new:

Motel Room Safes - mounting pedestal
Motel Room Safes – mounting pedestal

Too bad about the mounting pedestal, though: same size, different orientation.

Something unexpected always lurks in the datasheet

2 thoughts on “Motel Room Safe: Whoops

  1. lurks in the datasheet

    At least until they redo the documentation. I did a solar-power trailer in 2016 and used a charger/inverter/controller module to run it. I’m doing a bigger system for our pumphouse, and am using the 48V version of the same outfit’s module. They redid the documentation. Simplified it, so they said.

    The part they simplified out of existence was the 2016 detailed installation manual, where it said the maximum wire size from the PV array is #2 AWG. No comments on the current sheet.

    The breaker has a fitting for the 1/0 wire coming from the array (100′ away). However, the negative terminal is that #2. So, now I have to squeeze a box somewhere and splice the 1/0 to #2 close to the inverter.

    You can tell when you’re behind the trendy curve when the good instructions for DIYers and newbie contractors get deprecated. [sigh]

    1. Nobody really used all the copper in a one-ought cable, soooo … cheapnify!

      And, yeah, manuals without schematics & suchlike are how it gets done these days.

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