Monthly Image: All Of My Paperwork Was Up To Par

Although you’ll read cogent advice to Never Talk To Police, somehow I knew this would involve a conversation long before I went around the curve:

Maloney Rd Incident 1 - 2018-02-27

Maloney Rd Incident 1 – 2018-02-27

And it did:

Maloney Rd Incident 2 - 2018-02-27

Maloney Rd Incident 2 – 2018-02-27

Evidently, someone just discovered a body floating in a bend of the small creek off to the left.

My helmet camera prompted some attention, although nothing of interest was visible from the road. A few days later, whoever owned the property bulldozed a substantial berm along the far shoulder to prevent random strangers from just driving in and doing whatever. A week or so later, a call from another police agency had me explaining I don’t have video records of the creek or of any activity, suspicious or otherwise.

Another traffic stop concerned a specific vehicle allegedly involved in an attempt to pick up abduct a girl from a school bus stop:

Traffic Stop - Jackson Drive - 2018-09-22

Traffic Stop – Jackson Drive – 2018-09-22

In both cases, all my paperwork was up to par and I just rolled on through; it doesn’t always work that way.

  1. #1 by Olli on 2018-10-18 - 07:59

    “Never Talk To Police”

    It used to be black and white (or am I naive?), but nowadays it is shades of gray…

    “Police top brass on trial over informant register mismanagement”

    “Finland’s government sacks Prosecutor General after nepotism conviction”

    • #2 by Ed on 2018-10-18 - 09:24

      Minority communities bore the brunt of uneven policing forever, so if you’re not one of them (as I wasn’t) you didn’t see any problems back in the day. We’re now reaping that harvest, with too much antipathy on both sides of the line.

      • #3 by Olli on 2018-10-18 - 12:12

        The former head of Helsinki’s anti-drugs police Jari Aarnio “the policeman of the year” in 1987, emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence with drug criminals. ;-)

        • #4 by Ed on 2018-10-18 - 12:23

          Being head of the biggest gang on the block must count for something