Amazon Packaging: Bottles

One of the two air pockets in the token padding had popped:

Amazon Package - Bottles
Amazon Package – Bottles

Fortunately, they were plastic bottles with rugged contents, so I suppose the packaging was up to the task.


6 thoughts on “Amazon Packaging: Bottles

  1. You have to wonder if they have this automated and it just goes haywire for most of us. Can’t wait for them to start using drones and dropping packages from 500 feet.

    1. From what I read, the folks doing the packing are essentially organic robots, with specific instructions on how to pack things. I don’t fault the human on the line, but Amazon’s packing guidance and the relentless pressure to Move Things Along.

      1. Probably, as in, “don’t think, just follow the procedure”

      2. I ordered a spare DVD drive and a 5 gallon water jug once. They used the jug to cushion (sort of) the drive. Strangely, the drive survived.

  2. I ordered four CDs from Amazon recently for some reason. (Price. The reason was they sent me an attractive offer…)

    Anyway, two out of four arrived with cracked cases.

    I e-mailed them to ask if I could still return ’em if I opened them and the CDs turned out to be broken because I could probably find some jewel cases. They replied by sending me two replacements.

    One of the two was cracked again.

    I decided to leave it at that because I could construct whole cases now purely out of those sent by Amazon.

    Very odd.

    1. It may be that it is an unstoppable machine at this point.

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