Dismantled Bee

This parts collection appeared atop the driveway wall, arranged just as shown:

Dismantled Bee
Dismantled Bee

It seems something snagged a large bee (not a honeybee!), ate the contents, and left the wrapper behind. We’ll never know the rest of the story.

Puts one in mind of Turner in Count Zero, though.

4 thoughts on “Dismantled Bee

    1. Sounds about right; we certainly have enough mantises stalking around the house!

  1. The owls around here like jackrabbit braaaains! Julie is less than fond of seeing the beheaded corpus. Not sure which variety of owl; we’ve got them from tiny to great horned.

  2. [Ed: it’s a slightly NSFW mantis video. If the critters were any larger, you’d run screaming from the room.]

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