Monthly Science: Calibrated Bottle

Mary used to mix up her oil-and-vinegar dressing using a measuring cup, then she drew markings on the bottle, then I added tidy labels:

Calibrated Oil-and-Vinegar bottle
Calibrated Oil-and-Vinegar bottle

The labels align with her process: she adds ½ C oil first, then ¼ C vinegar, then various other ingredients. The liquids swirl around, sort themselves out, and it’s all good.

Surprisingly, the labels survived uncounted dishwasher adventures.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Science: Calibrated Bottle

  1. They sound like good labels. Wonder what will happen once oil gets to them? You could go with a calibrated story stick if the labels fail.

    1. The label on the Forester’s back window has started to bubble a bit, but it’s in much better shape than I expected.

      And it’s a knockoff brand from the usual Amazon Bizarre supplier!

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