Pogo Pins

A Pogo Pin reference may be useful:

  • P.. and R.. refer to Pin and Receptacle (a.k.a. socket), respectively
  • Pxx  and Rxx = nominal pin diameter in 0.01 mm units: P50 = 0.48 mm

For pins, the suffix -hn indicates pin head shape, the most useful of which may be:

  • B1: 45° cone
  • J1: dome end
  • Dx: large dome, also 1D
  • Gx: cylinder
  • Ex: large 90° cone, sometimes 1E
  • T2 – large chisel

For sockets, the suffix -ntl gives:

  • n – entry shape: 1 = shaped entry, 2 = straight entry
  • t – termination: C = crimp, S = solder, W = wire
  • l – length of wire in 100 mm units: 7 = 700 mm

From what I can find on eBay, all pins have 6 mm travel with typically 75 / 100 / 180 g spring force.

A picture ripped from the reference to forestall link rot:

P75 Spring Test Probes
P75 Spring Test Probes

Memo to Self: US-based eBay sellers charge three times more than Chinese sellers, but deliver in one-third the time.

[Update: Simon sends a link to Everett Charles Technologies, a pogo-pin manufacturer providing “Probably much more information than anyone should ever want”. Of course, eBay / Amazon junk may not meet any particular specs, so scale your expectations accordingly.]

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