Google Pixel vs. Clip-on Lenses

The clip-on lenses for the (fancy) camera  in my soon-to-be-obsolete Google Pixel XL don’t fit well on the case I added to improve its griptivity:

Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case - angle
Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case – angle

The upper half of the clip rests on the rim of the case around the bezel, with only the end of the foam pad against the glass:

Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case - angle overview
Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case – angle overview

That’s pretty much the only stable position.

Sticking a disk of stair-tread rubber on the foam adds just enough thickness to match the rim:

Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case - aligned
Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case – aligned

The lenses came with two clips, so I left one unmodified to fit the Pixel without the case:

Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case - clamps
Pixel vs Lens Clamp vs Case – clamps

Not that that happens very often, but …

The lenses are about as good as you’d expect for ten bucks from Amazon. Stacking the 0.67 “wide angle” lens on the camera enlarges the field-of-view by a third with closer focusing at maximum zoom, so the minimum FOV drops from 2 inches down to 1 inch at a reasonable distance.  The 10x “macro” lens is basically useless, with a focus distance well within the Pixel’s shadow under any normal lighting; if I were that sort of guy, I’d conjure a small LED ring powered from the USB-C port.


4 thoughts on “Google Pixel vs. Clip-on Lenses

  1. My iPhone 4s recently decided it’s had enough so now I’m faced with finding a new phone in (what I consider) a reasonable size of <5″ and pickings are slim. Does it bother anybody else that phones got so huge or am I just the weird one here?

    1. I wish the Pixel XL had twice the screen in a case about half as big … [grin]

      The Kindle Fire was way too big, but it could display semiconductor datasheets just fine. Despite having more dots and more DPI, the Pixel often requires doing the zoom-and-pan dance across a datasheet.

      Stipulated: First World Problem.

    2. No, your are not the only one bothered by [comically] large phones. I reluctantly went from a iphone 4s to a 5 and dealt with it fairly well, but anything beyond that is really not acceptable. I just started wearing glasses in the last few years, but only for a few things, not every day or all day long, and I still don’t want a large display. I would rather have a phone that has a seam/hing down the center than to have to have a phone that requires a shoulder strap. They [cell phones] use to be large for the batteries, now it’s just due to the “demand” for large displays.

      1. now it’s just due to the “demand” for large displays
        Which in turn require huge batteries thus closing the cycle :)

        Hopefully they come through with big ass holographic/foldable/flippable/MAGIC screens real soon and save me from having to buy 9″ phone couple of years down the road :)

        Till then I’ll just pine away for lost times when the goal was to make the phone SMALLER :)

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