Tenergy 18650 Lithium Cells: Initial Capacity

The daytime running lights on the bikes get noticeably dimmer when the 18650 lithium cell voltage drops below 3.6 V, so I picked up a quartet of Tenergy protected cells and ran ’em through the battery tester:

Tenergy 18650 Protected - 2017-08-04
Tenergy 18650 Protected – 2017-08-04

As with the ATX cells, the voltage decreases almost linearly with charge until it falls off the cliff near the end, but these have a higher terminal voltage throughout most of the curve, which is a Good Thing for LED flashlights.

These four seem to have about the same overall capacity as the ATX cells, so we’ll run ’em all in sequence and see how long they last.


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  1. Is it practical to use something like a joule-thief so you don’t get the dimming?

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