Ersatz Yellow Pages Scam

These mailings generally carry a “trash before reading” interest level, but this one stands out:

Biz Directory Scam - the deal
Biz Directory Scam – the deal

The Terms and Conditions feature some gems:

Biz Directory Scam - Terms and Conditions
Biz Directory Scam – Terms and Conditions

The first few sections suggest their past behavior has required some … admissions … to avoid future issues.

Section 9 says the laws of Florida apply and the “agreement is performable” (whatever that means) “at United Directories’ address located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida”. They’re so afraid of their customers that the only address appearing on the mailer is in Atlanta, Georgia, but a bit of poking around suggests their HQ is inside what looks like a beachfront house across from Joe’s Crab Shack or a biz building up the street.

Section 11 says your “listing” will be renewed every six months at $396, so you pay nigh onto 800 bucks a year for a “customizable web page” nobody visits.

Section 12 tells you “Unpaid accounts will incur a 10% late charge” and “Any credits will be applied to the next subscription period.”

This will come as no surprise:

Searching for obvious keywords + scam won’t turn up any surprises, either.

Sad fact: they actually have some listings.

I wish no ill will on anyone, but if somebody’s gotta be under the next meteor strike, I have a short list of candidates …

2 thoughts on “Ersatz Yellow Pages Scam

  1. There was a similar “internet directory” scam where it was very easy to get yourself included in the (worthless) directory, after which they’d let loose the bill collectors in an attempt to cash in. I was very tempted to enter a bunch of other known scammers into this directory and let the scammers, bill collectors, and attorneys waste their energies on each other.

  2. I’m disappointed you stopped at temptation. We all know that good behavior should be rewarded and bad behavior punished, but in this case the natural forcing function seems to be missing, leaving it to conscientious citizen to enforce it :)

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