Gas Pump UI: FAIL

During our most recent trip, I stopped at a new-to-me gas station, managed to figure out the pump’s UI enough to swipe my card and fill the tank, then utterly failed at the Print Receipt? prompt:

Gas Pump Keypad Abrasion
Gas Pump Keypad Abrasion

A quick hike to the adjacent pump suggested pressing the illegible key above Enter, but the UI timed out before I got back and the promised “moment” never ended. The attendant generated a receipt showing I’d paid for the gas and told me to jiggle the pump nozzle, which didn’t improve the situation. We eventually agreed he’d handle it later and I drove away, never to return, hoping that the next customer didn’t get a free fill on my dime dollar C-note.

Surely I’d know what to do, were I a regular customer …

2 thoughts on “Gas Pump UI: FAIL

  1. I always pay with cash, never know where a skimmer-artist is lurking.

    1. I called the Nice Man at the credit card helpline, told him of the situation, and that they should regard any future charges from that location as fraud. His advice was to watch for suspicious transactions on our bill, then call in: I presume prevention isn’t high on their to-do list.

      High-end skimmers are a wonder to behold and would be wasted on a pump like that! [wince]

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