Snowthrower Shear Bolts

The snowthrower (I’ve always called it a snowblower, but that’s just me) ate a ski pole (*), handle-tether-end first, and the right-side shear bolt worked perfectly when the right-hand auger slammed to a stop. A bit of drift punch rapping extracted the sorry lump at the bottom:

Sheared MTD Snowthrower Bolts
Sheared MTD Snowthrower Bolts

The missing nut and bolt head may eventually surface, but I’m not losing any sleep over them.

I popped a replacement shear bolt from the heap (thank you, Aitch!) and thought the nut went on rather stiffly. The nuts have a crimp in the middle to make them vibration-proof, but this one seemed stiffer than usual and, lo and behold, the bolt snapped just before I thought the nut had gotten far enough.

The nut on the second replacement shear bolt required much less torque, didn’t (let me) snap the bolt, and I finished the mission. That’s the third or fourth shear bolt I’ve used since getting the thrower in 2007, so there’s a package of six in transit.

Part Number 710-0809A, 5/16-18 x 1.5 inch.

(*) One of Mary’s gardening cronies works for a sporting goods store, has access to an unlimited supply of slightly bent ski poles, and shares the bounty for use as garden stakes.

4 thoughts on “Snowthrower Shear Bolts

  1. “… there’s a package of six in transit.”

    I put a couple of these shear bolts in a brown plastic pill vial and taped it to the snowblower handle. If/when it is needed I won’t have to hunt through my stash.


    1. That bag will go into the box of the yard equipment spare parts / filters / sheet metal bits. Alas, that box moved to the garage before the Basement Cleanout, wasn’t in its accustomed place, and prompted a frantic search in all possible locations when the bolt sheared. [sigh]

  2. My gravel* driveway has a fair number of big rocks, and the Cascade Concrete we get for snow is rough on the auger. In retrospect, the blower was a sub-optimal solution, and it’s been mostly supplanted by the 6′ snowplow blade that the Deere utility tractor now wears all winter. (Ain’t country living grand?)

    I ended up getting a dozen shear bolts for the blower, and those are kept in the small-parts drawer-set. When I lose a bolt, I know where the stash is, and where the tools are. Having to wheel the blasted thing the 600 feet to the shop reminds me to be careful. I’m now not well organized, but I’m learning to keep some supplies and tools in the designated spots…

    (*) Gravel == decomposed granite. Some rocks are quite impressive, but the fist-sized ones do the most damage to the sheer bolts.

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