Kitchen Spatula Search: Solved!

A Flint Arrow stainless steel spatula works exactly the way a spatula should:

Flint Arrowhead Stainless Spatula - in action
Flint Arrowhead Stainless Spatula – in action

That is, of course, a used spatula from eBay. It cost slightly more than the various new spatulas we’ve tried, but not by very much, and should last (at least from our perspective) forever.

Thanks to all of you for aiming us in the right direction!

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Spatula Search: Solved!

  1. That’s a good-looking one as well, with a slight taper and eye-catching slot design (both features are likely functional as well). What sort of handle does it have?

    1. The handle looks a lot like good ol’ Bakelite, but it’s surely something less antiquated.

      The blade came with a slight downward bend at the second pair of slots: a backstory we’ll never know!

  2. Oddly enough, that looks nothing like the Flint Arrowhead that we have. Ours is much more conventionally slotted, and really short, too: use it with the grill and you lose all the hairs on the back of your hand

    1. The long handle was a required feature: we both wanted some standoff distance for leverage and maneuvering!

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