ATM Error Message

Saw this after fat-fingering my PIN at a drive-up ATM:

ATM Screen Display Error Message
ATM Screen Display Error Message

That’s off-putting, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “ATM Error Message

  1. I saw one at a Sheetz that offered a Windows login screen. Better yet, I could summon an on-screen keyboard so I could type using the touch screen. I should have gotten a picture.

    1. These days, tapping an unexpected keyboard display could be misconstrued as deploying your mad haxxor skillz. After all, one never knows when an ATM will join an IoT botnet. [mutter]

      1. I have a strong(ish) password on my {wired|wirelless} router, but when I went to check it, I was reminded that the login name is brutally obvious. Went to change it, and discovered that it’s not user adjustable. Thanks, vendor…

        I have another controller box that says it’s internet friendly. I’m going to make it un-friendly, or sandbox it before it has a chance to get chatty. At best it will be on an Intranet of Things.

        1. If it’s at all like one I had for a while: admin. I believed a strong password would help, right up until I read about all the router compromises.

          As a friend observes, one must cultivate an attitude somewhere between Zen and apathy …

            1. This router supports both a local network behind the firewall and guest access fed directly to the InterWebs. The local net runs all the armor, the guest net has a simple password, and I continue hoping that’ll suffice in our low-density neighborhood. Who knows?

            2. I’m on a metered satellite connection, so open access could clobber me. One neighbor managed to get all his month’s satellite quota used up by others. Not sure if he had an open or weak password on a guest network, or if his main network was comprimised. I’ve seen a (his?) guest network on our laptop, but wasn’t close enough for it to be a usable signal. Some of his other neighbors (or folks on the road near his mini-ranch) would have had a good signal.

              My wireless password is strong and not guessable (short of a brute force attack). The guest access is turned off, so the only way I’d get clobbered is through the internet. That, and I’ll leave the WiFi turned off unless I need it. No signs of any IoT hacks.

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