Maloney Road Repaving

The Wappinger DPW laid asphalt along Maloney Rd, from side to side and end to end (well, to the end of their jurisdiction at the Lagrange town boundary). We passed the crew putting down the first layer on the westbound side:

Maloney Road Paving - 2016-09-14
Maloney Road Paving – 2016-09-14

A few days later, they were doing the final layer on that side as we approached the Rail Trail entrance:

Maloney Road Paving - 2016-09-17
Maloney Road Paving – 2016-09-17

Sometimes, good things happen out there on the roads!

[Update: Vedran points to a Youtube video of paving:

Paving Operations

By the looks of it they are from (almost) your neck of the woods (NYCDOT). They have a mighty impressive machine going but if you watch the lower right corner for about 10 seconds you’ll spot them paving right over a manhole cover :) Guess no matter how smart the tech, users will always find a way.

I’ve seen that done, too, but a guy should immediately dig out the cover (using the paint marks on the curb to find it) and taper the edges. That way, the paving machine produces a smooth surface along the street and the cover isn’t (shouldn’t be!) too deeply recessed.

Sometimes they just spraypaint a circle over the buried cover and wait until somebody must go into that hole before digging it out. That makes a nice, smooth paving job, but eventually produces a steep-walled pit in the pavement which enlarges and crumbles into gravel.

They should add a ring to the manhole to bring the cover flush with the new surface, but nobody (except the WDPW above!) does that around here until after the third or fourth paving job. Until then, it’s just like a pothole with a slick metallic bottom …


5 thoughts on “Maloney Road Repaving

  1. that is awesome!! too bad it was not done in spring so you could enjoy the new paved roads before winter

    1. They even raised the catch basin grates more-or-less to grade (although the parallel-bar slots remain lethal) and when the stripes go down it’ll be close to nirvana… [grin]

      We ride as much as we can, throughout the year, and we use Maloney a lot!

      1. A (rather-odd) coworker kept a photograph of the aftermath of his encounter with such a grate. Wern’t pretty. The bike didn’t look very good, either.

        1. The cast-iron grates have the new-ish parallel bar design, with three or four cross bars so you can’t drop a big bike wheel through the slots. Our 20 inch front wheels fit nicely, though: it’s a real tooth-clapper of a drop.
          Maloney Rd Grate - 2016-09-27

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