JYE Tech DSO138 Oscilloscope

DSO138 oscilloscope, along with the FG085 function generator, could form the basis of an entry-level electronics bench:

JYE Tech - FG085 Fn Gen - DS138 Oscilloscope
JYE Tech – FG085 Fn Gen – DS138 Oscilloscope

Neither of the kits require advanced assembly skills, but neophytes would definitely benefit from somebody who could guide them through the rough spots. In fact, JYE Tech comped me the acrylic scope case in return for the defects on the function generator PCB: thanks!

Just to rub it in, I suppose, one of the 2 mm nuts required to assemble the case missed the threading operation:

Unthreaded 2 mm nut
Unthreaded 2 mm nut

Took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t make the screw work. No big deal if you’ve got stuff, but it’d be a showstopper for a newbie.

Anyhow, the kit went together smoothly and powered right up:

JYE Tech DSO138 oscilloscope - 1 kHz sine
JYE Tech DSO138 oscilloscope – 1 kHz sine

The trace arithmetic functions work well enough:

DSO138 oscilloscope screen - trace data
DSO138 oscilloscope screen – trace data

The triggering seems finicky and setting the level sometimes moves the trace baseline, although that may be due to my fat-fingering the controls.

The front end is noisy, the bandwidth limited, the screen is small, and you can’t capture / export traces to your PC / cloud / whatever.

It’s an OK starter scope and you’ll shortly realize why you need a dual-trace scope…

2 thoughts on “JYE Tech DSO138 Oscilloscope

  1. Heh, I got an unthreaded screw with a light switch once, now you have the matching nut!

    1. Makes one wonder what the defect rate might be. Pretty close to zero, methinks, because otherwise we’d be ankle deep in the things.

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