Glass Bead Retroreflection

NYSDOT re-striped Rt 376 using paint with sprayed-on glass beads, rather than plastic strips, which produces lovely rainbows when the sun comes from directly behind. Alas, my helmet camera can’t resolve faint colors against the background glare and doesn’t show the circular reflection cutoff:

Glass Bead Retroreflection - 2016-07-20
Glass Bead Retroreflection – 2016-07-20

However, the scattered beads light up the pavement’s cracks and crevices.

Four days later, the drifts of beads have dissipated to leave bright reflections anywhere the tires don’t reach:

Glass Bead Retroreflection - 0219
Glass Bead Retroreflection – 0219

That’s along the big traffic circle at the Raymond / Collegeview / Forbus intersection.

2 thoughts on “Glass Bead Retroreflection

  1. If you have a need for lots of tiny glass beads, you can scoop up a surprising amount quickly after projects like this. I think the optical phenomenon is known as a “glory”.

    1. I heroically refrained from filling a ziplock bag at a big end-of-stripe dump on Raymond!

      My stock of glass beads Went With The Stuff; I think I saved a small jar, but haven’t seen it recently. Lot of that going on, lately. [sigh]

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