Tempting TV Channel

One of the motel’s TV channels offered this diversion:

Fedora console on motel TV
Fedora console on motel TV

Alas, no combination of keys on the overly complex remote fed themselves to tty1. That didn’t surprise me, but ya gotta try, y’know.

Contrary to what you might think, that’s a well-focused image. Apparently, someone, somewhere, aimed a crappy camera at a monitor and devoted one video input to the result.

I wonder what critical infrastructure runs a Linux distro that end-of-lifed in December 2009.

We’ll never know the rest of the story…

2 thoughts on “Tempting TV Channel

  1. There are normally a lot of feeds carrying information of varying degrees of interest that are not available via the remote (I hear you can get at them with a USB TV tuner). That one is an oddball, however.

    1. Not much character development and very little plot.

      Upside: no commercial interruptions!

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