After devoting the last few months to setting up the Makerspace Starter Kit and extracting / organizing / stashing the stuff I wanted to keep:

New parts cabinets
New parts cabinets

I now have some difficulty accomplishing what needs to be done:

Basement Shop - right
Basement Shop – right

During the rest of May I must write a pair of columns, unpack / arrange / reinstall my remaining tools / parts / toys, endure a road trip to our Larval Engineer’s graduation (*), enjoy bicycling with my Lady, and surely repair a few odds-n-ends along the way.

I’ll generate occasional posts through June, after which things should be returning to what passes for normal around here…

(*) For reasons not relevant here, our Larval Engineer’s schedule includes a final co-op and wind-up semester after “graduation”. Perhaps she’s entering the Chrysalis phase of her development?

10 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Good luck with all of that. It will be strange not reading a daily post, I’ve been following for about 4 years!

    1. Agreed with all of the above. I hope everything’s okay.

  2. Enjoy your “vacation”, and congrats to your daughter on her graduation. And to her parents for seeing her through the educational process.

  3. Congratulations to all, but especially to the non-larval one! Enjoy the space while you can. [grin]

  4. If you want any proofreading/comments, I’m happy to look over prospective columns or whatnot.

  5. Wow. What a different look to that basement. There is hope after all.
    I will have to set up a proxy so other members of my household can’t access your site anymore…

    1. We’re cleaning behind shelves that haven’t moved in nearly two decades, so sorting out my remaining stuff will take a while. Mary just staked a claim to the prime real estate where the mill used to be; things will be different down there from now on!

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