After devoting the last few months to setting up the Makerspace Starter Kit and extracting / organizing / stashing the stuff I wanted to keep:

New parts cabinets

New parts cabinets

I now have some difficulty accomplishing what needs to be done:

Basement Shop - right

Basement Shop – right

During the rest of May I must write a pair of columns, unpack / arrange / reinstall my remaining tools / parts / toys, endure a road trip to our Larval Engineer’s graduation (*), enjoy bicycling with my Lady, and surely repair a few odds-n-ends along the way.

I’ll generate occasional posts through June, after which things should be returning to what passes for normal around here…

(*) For reasons not relevant here, our Larval Engineer’s schedule includes a final co-op and wind-up semester after “graduation”. Perhaps she’s entering the Chrysalis phase of her development?

  1. #1 by Alistair Wooldrige on 2016-05-06 - 08:34

    Good luck with all of that. It will be strange not reading a daily post, I’ve been following for about 4 years!

    • #2 by Ed on 2016-05-06 - 08:42

      It’ll take a while for me to adjust, too… [sigh]

    • #3 by smellsofbikes on 2016-05-06 - 11:11

      Agreed with all of the above. I hope everything’s okay.

  2. #4 by Joel on 2016-05-06 - 08:45

    Enjoy your “vacation”, and congrats to your daughter on her graduation. And to her parents for seeing her through the educational process.

  3. #5 by Red County Pete on 2016-05-06 - 09:39

    Congratulations to all, but especially to the non-larval one! Enjoy the space while you can. [grin]

  4. #6 by madbodger on 2016-05-06 - 11:10

    If you want any proofreading/comments, I’m happy to look over prospective columns or whatnot.

  5. #7 by david on 2016-05-06 - 13:14

    Best of luck! You will surely be missed.

    • #8 by Ed on 2016-05-06 - 19:35

      Makes it sound like I’m pushing up daisies! [grin]

  6. #9 by tantris on 2016-05-06 - 20:34

    Wow. What a different look to that basement. There is hope after all.
    I will have to set up a proxy so other members of my household can’t access your site anymore…

    • #10 by Ed on 2016-05-07 - 09:31

      We’re cleaning behind shelves that haven’t moved in nearly two decades, so sorting out my remaining stuff will take a while. Mary just staked a claim to the prime real estate where the mill used to be; things will be different down there from now on!