Recommended Screwdriver Set: Brownells Magna-Tip Super Set

More on the Kenmore 158.17032 that started all this appears elsewhere, but I found myself deploying several bits from my Brownells Magna-Tip screwdriver set:

Brownells Magna-Tip Super-Set on bench
Brownells Magna-Tip Super-Set on bench

The matrix of bits covers nine slot lengths (= screw head diameters) with four / five / six slot widths. This is the set with 44 bits; the 58 bit set fills the empty holes with 14 hex / square / Phillips bits that I already have in multiples.

I reserve these lovely hollow-ground bits for specialty screws that must not be goobered; most of the time ordinary drivers work just fine and there’s no reason to chew these up.

Even these tips won’t fit every screw in existence, but you’ll go a long way before this set isn’t the right hammer for the job at hand.

Highly recommended, even at today’s prices …

7 thoughts on “Recommended Screwdriver Set: Brownells Magna-Tip Super Set

  1. I’m sure that’s a nice set, gunsmiths unusually don’t mess around with cheap tools. It really pays to use the right size of screwdriver in so many situations in order to prevent it from camming out and well … everything that usually follows from that.

    1. I have a small bag of ruined #2 Phillips (I consistently omit one L) bits, too. Sometimes I can convert them into other tools, but mostly they serve as a reminder to pay attention to not wrecking the screw or the driver. [mutter]

      1. Maybe you could start a “cuss or karma jar” of broken tools and components. I used a local tire shop a few years ago where they had a similar container of all of the items that had been extracted from car tires. I have a similar pile of broken taps, screw extractors, newly slotted screws, and other assorted and once-problematic hardware. I had once branded very popular and widely-available brand as “soft tips”, seemingly made of lead or aluminum as they often deformed so easily.

        1. Good idea!

          My ziploc bag labeled “NFG Bits” cowers in the back of the hex driver bits drawer; I should hang them from a floor joist for public shaming and as a warning to others of their kind …

        2. I finally got a set of Pozidriv screwdrivers to work on British carburetors and vintage HP gear — but find them useful in many places where I had previously had bad results with regular Phillips head drivers. One of the better recent tool investments around here…

    1. If they were made in China, they’d have Free Shipping to your doorstep and would snap during the first use.

      You’d think making good bits wouldn’t be all that challenging.

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