Fashion Decoration Accessories: U.FL RF Connectors

Just like all those EULAs we click through without reading, nobody pays any attention to the Customs declarations on packages:

U.FL Connectors - Customs declaration
U.FL Connectors – Customs declaration

The pick-and-place strip across the top contains ten U.FL connectors, a few of which might make their way onto the Ham It Up board. They cost a grand total of $2.09 (not the $12.00 shown on the label) delivered halfway around the planet in a bit over two weeks.

I confess: I just couldn’t pass up some new fashion accessories…

6 thoughts on “Fashion Decoration Accessories: U.FL RF Connectors

  1. Julie likes Project Runway. I saw a portion of an episode some time ago where the people had to do some tech dumpster diving and make something resembling a dress out of the gubbage. I saw something made out of a bunch of rejected plastic ICs (quad flatpacks or similar), so maybe the label isn’t that far off. [grin]

    The Goth or Punk types might have had fun with DIPs…

    1. fun with DIPs

      I’ve occasionally cautioned artsy folks about making skin-contact jewelry from discarded electronics and PVC-coated wire: 63-37 for the loss!

        1. Back in the day, they lubricated the insulation forming dies with lead and maybe they still do.

          Read about a tech who thoroughly poisoned himself by biting the insulation off of wires, rather than using a stripper, and it scared me for life.

          1. I seen a worker go down with lead poisoning at a solder wire plant which I used to visit. He kept chewing bit of soft wire !! Soon he absorbed enough to get poisoned.

            1. That’s one of the very few situations where smoking might actually be a better habit. [sigh]

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