Fashion Decoration Accessories: U.FL RF Connectors

Just like all those EULAs we click through without reading, nobody pays any attention to the Customs declarations on packages:

U.FL Connectors - Customs declaration

U.FL Connectors – Customs declaration

The pick-and-place strip across the top contains ten U.FL connectors, a few of which might make their way onto the Ham It Up board. They cost a grand total of $2.09 (not the $12.00 shown on the label) delivered halfway around the planet in a bit over two weeks.

I confess: I just couldn’t pass up some new fashion accessories…


  1. #1 by Red County Pete on 2016-01-23 - 10:03

    Julie likes Project Runway. I saw a portion of an episode some time ago where the people had to do some tech dumpster diving and make something resembling a dress out of the gubbage. I saw something made out of a bunch of rejected plastic ICs (quad flatpacks or similar), so maybe the label isn’t that far off. [grin]

    The Goth or Punk types might have had fun with DIPs…

    • #2 by Ed on 2016-01-23 - 13:00

      fun with DIPs

      I’ve occasionally cautioned artsy folks about making skin-contact jewelry from discarded electronics and PVC-coated wire: 63-37 for the loss!

      • #3 by Vedran on 2016-01-23 - 20:32

        What’s wrong with PVC in contact with skin?

        • #4 by Ed on 2016-01-23 - 21:48

          Back in the day, they lubricated the insulation forming dies with lead and maybe they still do.

          Read about a tech who thoroughly poisoned himself by biting the insulation off of wires, rather than using a stripper, and it scared me for life.

          • #5 by Raj on 2016-01-23 - 22:37

            I seen a worker go down with lead poisoning at a solder wire plant which I used to visit. He kept chewing bit of soft wire !! Soon he absorbed enough to get poisoned.

            • #6 by Ed on 2016-01-24 - 09:59

              That’s one of the very few situations where smoking might actually be a better habit. [sigh]