StirlingTEK NP-BX1 Batteries

Because the first pair of Wasabi NP-BX1 batteries for the Sony HDR-AS30V camera faded to the point where they weren’t useful for a typical bike ride, I bought a pair of SterlingTEK (a.k.a. STK) NP-BX1 batteries that, like the Wasabi batteries, claimed to have a 1600 mA·h capacity. These are “second tier” batteries, not the cheap eBay crap I’ve already dismissed, and run a bit under $10 apiece.

Here’s the picture from their product description:

SterlingTEK - STK NP-BX1 battery - as advertised
SterlingTEK – STK NP-BX1 battery – as advertised

Here’s what arrived:

STK NP-BX1 batteries
STK NP-BX1 batteries


That’s  a red flag, right there. It’s remarkably tempting to ship a good product for a while, then swap in much cheaper junk that can ride on the good reviews. Not saying that’s what happened, but it’s a possibility.

Here’s how they performed:

Sony NP-BX1 - Sony Wasabi STK - as received
Sony NP-BX1 – Sony Wasabi STK – as received

The red and blue curves show that the STK batteries produced less than 1000 mA·h in their first two charges, with the blue battery (I labeled it B) showing considerable variation that suggests it’ll suffer early failure. The green curve shows one of those Wasabi batteries and the purple curve is the OEM Sony battery, both in as-received condition.

SterlingTEK will send two more batteries, in the belief that I received two sub-standard samples. We shall see…

5 thoughts on “StirlingTEK NP-BX1 Batteries

    1. Suffice it to say the replacements looked exactly the same…

      Which wasn’t a surprise after seeing the first ones.

  1. The “PREMIUM CELLS FROM JAPAN” next to “Made In China” is a nice touch. For various values of nice…

    1. Well, y’know, the cells could come from the low-spec end of the “premium” bins and get shipped across the East China Sea for assembly…

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