Why I Run Ad Blockers on All My Browsers

The latest new-to-me off-lease Dell PC arrived with Windows 7, which means that I must install UltraVNC (that’s uvnc.comnot the obvious URL, alas) to enable remote desktop access. Here’s what the download page looks like through a fresh copy of Firefox, without ad blocking:

UltraVNC Download - with ads
UltraVNC Download – with ads

Notice that the prominent “Start Download” label-and-button in the middle of the page isn’t the one you want, nor are any of the other things that say “Download”. If you’re not a techie and don’t quite know what you’re looking for, there’s no hope for you.

Here’s what it looks like with all the ads suppressed:

UltraVNC Download - minus ads
UltraVNC Download – minus ads

Granted, that’s not the most user-friendly download site I’ve ever seen and, most likely, non-techies won’t venture there, but … suppressing the ads certainly eliminates a tremendous amount of noise.

WordPress places ads on my blog and I get a cut of the revenue, so I am not without a certain conflict of interest. I could forego the ad revenue (currently about 60 ¢/day), which wouldn’t eliminate the ads; WordPress simply pockets my cut in addition to theirs. I could also pay WordPress 30 ¢/day to completely suppress the ads (and get other features I don’t care about), for a net cost of a dollar a day to not show ads.

Hey, who wants to sign up as a Patreon donor? [grin]

5 thoughts on “Why I Run Ad Blockers on All My Browsers

  1. I started with AdBlockPlus (and NoScript) in self defense. When I was on dialup, ads could really bog down the loading of pages. Throw javascript in the mix, speeds ranged from crawl to dead stop.

    It’s a bit better with satellite, but I now have bandwidth caps… (Speed of light lag can make for some interesting behavior, too, especially with fancy stylesheet coding.) The Javascript stuff is a bit faster, but some folks still think it should take microseconds to go from query#1 to response#1 to query#n to response#n. At least I can now download my used-as-rarely-as-possible Flash viewer on the first or second try. (NOAA insists on using it for radar loops. At least it’s no longer Java(tm).)

    1. You could also investigate Proxomitron/Proximodo, Privoxy, and the like. Such a solution works much faster than stuff like NoScript and it works on all browser. However, I just switch to Links 2 or Elinks if I want to get rid of the cruft.

  2. Strange, I don’t see any ads on this site and I don’t block anything of the sort. But I do see all kinds of nonsense on uvnc.com

    1. I checked on Explorer 11 (Pale Moon w/blockers is my default, but not everybody supports it), and I fond an ad on the main page. That one had an autoplay video, but audio is suppressed unless you put the mouse pointer over the ad. I’ll look into the proxy applications, though AB+ and NoScript usually fill my needs.

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