Folding Saw Rework

Mary found a folding saw buried under a compost heap at Vassar Farms, where it had evidently been for quite a while. It cleaned up surprisingly well:

Folding saw - pivot shim
Folding saw – pivot shim

I made a crude brass shim to stabilize the crude blade in its crudely bent metal frame; the ugly hole came from freehand punching with the rebuilt leather punch tool. Probably spent as much time doing that as they did on the whole rest of the saw: it’s not a high-quality tool.

It could be an older version of the Harbor Freight Folding Saw, minus a fancy plastic-encased joint screw. I added a dot of Loctite to discourage this one from leaping to its doom.

As with the other pruning saws in my collection, that blade scares me just looking at it. I managed to avoid slicing myself open, although I did stab a finger with a sharp brass sliver…

2 thoughts on “Folding Saw Rework

  1. “It cleaned up surprisingly well:”

    What’s your go-to method for removing rust? EvapoRust bath? Electrolysis? The “Armstrong” method (wire brush + sandpaper)? Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. This one was mostly just plain filthy. Mary detoxified the plastic bits with Tecnu soap (to remove any poison ivy), I hit the blade with a fine sanding block, and we called the results Good Enough.

      Evaporust is definitely the ticket for knocking down ordinary rust!

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