It’s Always Time for a Virus Scan!

Caught this one moments before the presentation started:

Slimcleaner - pop-up presentation overlay

Slimcleaner – pop-up presentation overlay

The “1-Click Scan” (doesn’t Amazon have a patent / trademark on 1-Click?) will occupy a large pop-up screen overlay featuring a host of dashboard-style data that nobody really cares about, triggered by a smaller modal dialog box that’s impossible to work around.

Yes, that appeared on the screen projector, too. I don’t know if “Presentation Mode” should inhibit these things, but, somehow, I doubt it.

Pardon the blurred focus… the laptop sat halfway across the room.

  1. #1 by rkward on 2015-04-25 - 08:16

    Snicker, virus scan prompts, email notifications, 2^10 software updates, etc. I have always wondered why there wasn’t a presentation mode either. The people who design these things never actually use them themselves.

    • #2 by Ed on 2015-04-25 - 09:26

      To be fair, it’s downright annoying when the Xubuntu Lightlocker / screensaver kicks in after 10.000 minutes of movie: that doesn’t work right, either.

  2. #3 by Red County Pete on 2015-04-25 - 10:28

    Both Malwarebytes and MS security essentials will automagically scan in the background, popping up only if they spot something ‘orrible. OTOH, there’s a place in hell reserved for those “responsible” for the always-on-top popup window for a software update. I’m looking at you, Adobe. [end rant]

    • #4 by Ed on 2015-04-25 - 12:00

      automagically scan in the background

      Leaving you to wonder why the UI seems so laggy this morning: nothing seems to be happening, but the solid-on disk activity LED tells you the elves are hard at work, deep down inside.

      • #5 by Red County Pete on 2015-04-25 - 13:57

        Actually, it’s not bad, considering that the windows box doesn’t have to do much heavy lifting. The schedulers launch light versions, on +-10 minute windows (the magic portion, sigh). MSSE takes a couple of minutes on quick scan, with Malwarebytes “Threat scan” about 15 minutes. I’ll manually launch the full scans periodically, and the slowdowns are predictable and avoidable. (Usually due to file locking.)

        I’m looking at the realtime patches and applications for the Linux boxes, but they don’t see the internet, so any malware scans will be infrequent and set for my convenience. Have to research that–my Linux malware/virus knowledge is way out of date.

        • #6 by Ed on 2015-04-25 - 17:01

          The poor little Atom we’d been using as the Token Windows Box finally couldn’t keep up with Turbotax, which sports a staggeringly intricate UI. Killing off all the Windows UI glitz helped a lot (and made it more tractable as a Remote Desktop), but it still spent about an hour hammering on the hard drive after each startup, during which time TurboTax was completely unusable.

          Popped an Optiplex off the stack, did more tweaking, and now it’s better again. Maybe Win 7 on an Atom just isn’t a thing these days.

          Next year will be different, I’m sure.