Gutter Icicles

OK, I’m a sucker for sunlit solid water:

They’re hanging from the gutters over the patio. The house has six-foot soffits back there and nearly three feet elsewhere, plus the roofers installed rubber sheets along the walls, so we’re not worried about leaks…

  1. #1 by Red County Pete on 2015-02-21 - 10:24

    Icicles on the old math building at college is one of the fonder memories of my stay there. Our best icicles at home don’t get much sun, and it’s been too dry for such this winter. Still, when we get them on the southern roof, they’re beautiful. (I did the rubberized roof sheeting, too. One less thing to worry about.)

    • #2 by Ed on 2015-02-21 - 11:26

      Some houses around here have spectacular stalagtites that make me think they’re about to lose their gutters. It’ll be a good spring for the home repair folks, alas.

      More snow and sub-zero temperatures on the way: winter like it used to be, back in the day!

      • #3 by Red County Pete on 2015-02-21 - 11:39

        More snow and sub-zero temperatures on the way

        Rubbing it in, eh? [grin] We had 52F yesterday, with this morning’s low of 19. No precipitation in weeks. I’d love to trade weather patterns with the NE–not joking. We’re already doing spring cleanup of pine cones and downfall.