Last of the Energizer CR2032 Cells

All three Energizer CR2032 lithium cells installed at the end of November failed in December, with this being the most dramatic example:

Attic - Insulated Box - Early battery failure

Attic – Insulated Box – Early battery failure

Now, granted, it was mighty chilly in the attic, but failing after 18 hours seems unreasonable. So much for last month’s data.

I’ve started a batch of Maxell cells with the more reasonable date code 3O, which seems to indicate a manufacturing date of 2013 October.

We shall see…

  1. #1 by rkward on 2015-01-26 - 08:14

    eBay batteries by chance? I have had similar experiences with supposed brand-name coin cells.

  2. #3 by RL on 2015-01-26 - 19:13

    It’s unfortunate, but these days I assume all batteries, memory, cables, and cell phone accessories for sale on eBay and Amazon are counterfeit.

    • #4 by Ed on 2015-01-26 - 19:32

      Hey, the Maxell CR2032 blister packs have “New hologram packaging that guarantees authenticity”, so they must be good!

      They sure look that way, anyhow… [sigh]

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