Last of the Energizer CR2032 Cells

All three Energizer CR2032 lithium cells installed at the end of November failed in December, with this being the most dramatic example:

Attic - Insulated Box - Early battery failure
Attic – Insulated Box – Early battery failure

Now, granted, it was mighty chilly in the attic, but failing after 18 hours seems unreasonable. So much for last month’s data.

I’ve started a batch of Maxell cells with the more reasonable date code 3O, which seems to indicate a manufacturing date of 2013 October.

We shall see…

5 thoughts on “Last of the Energizer CR2032 Cells

  1. eBay batteries by chance? I have had similar experiences with supposed brand-name coin cells.

  2. It’s unfortunate, but these days I assume all batteries, memory, cables, and cell phone accessories for sale on eBay and Amazon are counterfeit.

    1. Hey, the Maxell CR2032 blister packs have “New hologram packaging that guarantees authenticity”, so they must be good!

      They sure look that way, anyhow… [sigh]

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