Adafruit TFT LCD: Color Indicator Spots

These spots might come in handy as status indicators and tiny mode control buttons:

Resistor Color Code Spots
Resistor Color Code Spots

The montage is 800% of the actual 8×8 pixel size that’s appropriate for the Adafruit TFT LCD.

They’re generated from the standard colors, with the “black” patch being a dark gray so it doesn’t vanish:

# create resistor-coded color spots
# Ed Nisley - KE4ZNU
# January 2015


convert -size $SZ canvas:gray10 -type truecolor Res0.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:brown	-type truecolor Res1.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:red	-type truecolor Res2.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:orange	-type truecolor Res3.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:yellow -type truecolor Res4.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:green	-type truecolor Res5.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:blue	-type truecolor Res6.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:purple	-type truecolor Res7.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:gray80	-type truecolor Res8.bmp
convert -size $SZ canvas:white	-type truecolor Res9.bmp

montage Res*bmp -tile 5x -geometry +2+2 -resize 800% Res.png

For a pure indicator, it’d be easier to slap a spot on the screen with the Adafruit GFX library’s fillRect() function. If you’re setting up a generic button handler, then button bitmap images make more sense.