Doorbell Switch Corrosion

A friend, anticipating a stream of visitors for their freshly hatched baby, asked for help with a defunct remote doorbell. A bit of probing showed that shorting across the pushbutton switch contacts reliably triggered the bell, so I unsoldered it:

Doorbell switch - intact
Doorbell switch – intact

A similar switch from the heap had a longer stem that was easy enough to shorten, so the repair didn’t take very long at all: ya gotta have stuff!

An autopsy reveals the expected contact corrosion:

Doorbell switch - parts
Doorbell switch – parts

Underexposing the image by about two stops retained some texture on the contact dome.

The IC date codes suggest the box is over a decade old, which is as much life as one can expect from cheap consumer electronics, particularly with an unsealed switch placed outdoors.

It’s probably good for another decade…

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  1. > ya gotta have stuff!

    I won’t tell my wife you gave me permission to either keep what I have or acquire even more!

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