StaticCider Sighting

We took a river cruise from Hudson NY on the first day of the Cycling the Hudson Valley ride and, being that type of guy, I spotted this redecorated rail car on the east shore of the Hudson River:

StaticCider railcar tag sighting - Hudson NY
StaticCider railcar tag sighting – Hudson NY

Feeding the obvious search term into the obvious search engine produced two other sightings in Minnesota during 2011. Puts one in mind of Where’s George

Mad props: unlike most taggers, he / she painted around the car number and ID patterns.

7 thoughts on “StaticCider Sighting

  1. Interesting search results on those words. Images for “static” or “cider” show what you would expect, additional searches for both words (“static cider”) is primarily cider related. However, the search for “staticcider” in particular has many images related to graffiti on trains that do not display either word within the artwork.

    It seems to me that search engines are not as likely to return favorable results as they were years ago. Now, it is more likely to require multiple searches tuning the the parameters based on the results of the previous search (google fu / search fu, etc.). With the search engine databases growing every second and the intentional ambiguous feeding of them, we can only rely on the engine’s purveyor to allow it to be effective.

    1. As nearly as I can tell, if you already know something, you can find out more about it with dexterous search-fu.

      However, if you don’t know something, you’ll never discover it…

      1. In the pre-internet days if you had some technical need or interest for personal use there were only magazine ads, the library, or specifically, the Thomas Registry. It was certainly slow but at the time and without anything else to compare it to, it worked just fine. Having experienced the creation of the internet and gotten used to all of the advantages of nearly instant information it is a little upsetting to see it all being clogged with ads and junk now. Of course we all have our ways around that stuff but the search engine thing is what really bugs me the most. I think the search engine wars are pretty much over but the engines themselves aren’t what they used to be that is for sure.

        1. the Thomas Registry

          Man, I haven’t seen one of those in a long, long time.

          the search engine wars are pretty much over

          Incoming searches here: Google Search, Google Image Search, and debris. The latter runs maybe 8% of the total…

          On the other paw, for the searches that land here, I have Search Engine Optimization out the wazoo!

    2. I think Staticcider is a video game reference, but not from a game I play.

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