8 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Overblown Vette

  1. Of course, on the F you’d have two, one on each side, which would be even cooler.

    I wonder if you could run them off the camshaft pulleys, or at least extensions thereof.

    1. two, one on each side

      Angled outward, so I could see around the left-side tower…

      I’m thinking an N2O injector would be in order, too.

      1. I knew people who were hauling toyota corollas out of the junkyard, adding nitrous, and managing 12 second quarter miles with their junk cars. They’d get about three runs, blow up the engine, and haul it right back to the junk yard. I had a side business soldering down mod chips because I had the stuff to replace smd chips.

        1. They’d get about three runs

          I’ve always suspected there’s a place for $50 disposable cars: now I know!

        2. place for $50 disposable cars

          I’ve read about a few racing series done with really cheap cars. the 24 hours of Lemons is set up so that the (non-safety related) bits of the car can’t total more than $500. Doesn’t hurt that seriousness is excluded from this racing series, and “inappropriate engine swaps” are encouraged. A Kinner 5 radial in an old MR2 is my favorite, though it ran maybe a lap…

          In my stash-o-slides, I ran into pictures of a mid-70s classic car race day run near Salinas, Calif. More fun to walk the pits than to watch the race. 1917 Harley Davidson, anyone? (Yes, a car.)

          1. a few racing series

            Plus, in traffic, you ain’t got nothin’ to lose…

            Except for insurance, as I pointed out to our Larval Engineer who was going to buy a beater for that exact purpose. Points on her license, we don’t need right now; when it’s her dollar, she can do whatever she pleases. [grin]

      2. It occurs to me that the reason we stick superchargers out of the hood is that’s where it makes sense because of the v design of the engine… so on the Forester you could go sideways and have the intakes sticking out of the sides of the fenders, for a completely different look.

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