Monthly Image: Marmorated Stink Bug

Found what I think is a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug dead on the Forester’s dashboard:

Stink Bug - front
Stink Bug – front

I didn’t know they had red ocelli:

Stink Bug - front - detail
Stink Bug – front – detail

The wing covers have a red tint, too, which makes me wonder if this one came from a different stink bug family:

Stink Bug - dorsal
Stink Bug – dorsal

The stylet recessed along the ventral midline does all the damage:

Stink Bug - ventral
Stink Bug – ventral

They’d be prettier if they weren’t so destructive … Mary doesn’t want them dead; she wants them extinct.

Taken with the Canon SX230HS through the illuminated close-up lens.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Marmorated Stink Bug

  1. Not much eats those things, unfortunately. Mantises and spiders will eat them, but they eat mantis and spider young. Dragonflies will eat them, but mosquito abatement measures have reduced the dragonfly population. What’s left seem to be assassin bugs and purple martins. Robins will eat them reluctantly if there’s nothing else available. I may put up some purple martin houses.

    1. Dragonflies will eat them

      Now that would be sight to behold!

      Our neighbor has a martin condo out back, but we’ve never seen any tenants. We should do the invocation & ritual dance of bird attraction…

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