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This must be the season for scams, as WordPress recently forwarded this message through the Contact form:

My name is Mary. I was just reading Personal 3D Printing: 2014 Status Report – I’m doing some private research on 3D printing and the article is great! I loved images! Great sense of humor and amazing taste in choosing images! :D

But that is not the only reason why I’m writing.

I’m actually writing on behalf of San Francisco Circuits, a PCB solutions provider in Northern California. I came across your site, read some interesting stuff and thought I’d come to you directly and ask if you’re interested in guest posting on

We have writers on staff that write articles on circuit design, fabrication, assembly, and everything else PCB related.

Let me know if you are interested!


You may recall that post:

  • The images came from stock photographs
  • It had nothing to do with PCB fabrication

In fact, very little of what you read here has to do with PCB fabrication. Yes, I home-brew PCBs, but that’s about as non-mainstream as you can get.

Some interesting bits of metadata:

  • San Francisco Circuits actually exists
  • The reply-to domain is in Australia:
  • The message came from a Croatian IP address:

The go8 domain has a placeholder web page. The Petrovic Family Trust probably runs an email server that we’re not privy to; I’d lay long odds they’re blissfully unaware of her account.

SF Circuits probably doesn’t know anything about her, either, and I’m absolutely certain those “staff” writers she touts know exactly squat about “everything else PCB related”.

Should I ask her for writing samples or pointers to their work elsewhere on the Intertubes? How much would they pay to write posts for me? If I had nothing better to do, I’d string her along for a while…

In fact, given how this spam stuff works, I suspect “Mary” isn’t her name and she’s not even female, but I’m never going to know the rest of the story.

One point in her favor, though: she has figured out how to get paid for doing stuff on the Intertubes.

7 thoughts on “Business Proposal

    1. If I charged on the same scale, I’d have a herd of awesome fire-breathing quantum singularity ponies…

  1. Why wouldn’t Mary know everything about Polychlorinated biphenyl? ;)

  2. HAHA! Okay, so this is Victor writing from San Francisco Circuits and I manage the marketing here. Not joking.

    This is a real knee-slapping post and made my day! I like that “I loved images” line.

    So yeah, I’ll try to explain. We have a list of sites that we manage for various information, hobbyist projects, blogs to follow, communities to post in, posts to look at for sharing potential, partnerships, banner ads, etc. Mary must have come across yours and thought a guest post request right off the bat would actually work.

    Ha. I actually did read a ton of your site, posts and added you to the list with the comment “hilarious about section / spam stuff. Check it out for funny content to share.”

    We really are not looking for guest posting even though we really do have tons writers on staff (read: 1 person) that writes content.

    Sometimes we outsource portions of our marketing and unintended consequences occur. I’m glad this one made us laugh.

    Tantris – We know a lot about Panama City Beach for Spring Break, but, sorry, nothing about Polychlorinated biphenyl. Interested in a guest post?

    1. Sometimes we outsource portions of our marketing and unintended consequences occur.

      Well, when you outsource your marketing, you outsource your reputation: that’s definitely taken some damage. Why would a reputable business deal with someone like “Mary”, the one sporting a mysterious Australian email address and posting from Croatia? I mean, sheesh, man up and (at least) give her an email account.

      If you’re going to “share” my writing, follow the Creative Commons license requirements described there.

      Thanks for letting us know the rest of the story …

      1. Agreed. We did give them an email address to use. To track the results. Thanks to you, we know now it wasn’t being used. Directions weren’t followed…

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