Michelin Hair, Without A Flat

Mary heard a faint sound from the back of her bike that neither she nor I could track down. Standing in the garage, we decided it was slightly louder when the wheel turned backwards, but the sound didn’t correlate with anything.

Eventually, I held my hand over the wheel while turning it, whereupon the problem made itself obvious:

Michelin Hair from bike tire
Michelin Hair from bike tire

Another Michelin Hair from a steel-belted automobile or truck tire!

The short hook on the right side embedded itself the in the tread, with the rest sticking out. Turning the wheel backwards dragged the longer arc on the fender, making a slightly louder sound. Of course, the tightest fender-to-tire clearance occurs just behind the seat, where it isn’t easily visible.

Fortunately, the hook wasn’t quite long enough to punch through the Schwalbe Marathon’s armor layer and the tire liner.


2 thoughts on “Michelin Hair, Without A Flat

  1. My “favorite” flat inducers were the puncturevines (Tribulus terrestris, aka goat head thorn) endemic to most everywhere I rode in California. Usually it was one or two, but one night I hit the ****pot and rode over the remnants of a bush. I had about 100 seed bodies imbedded in the tire, and had to discard both the tire and the replacement tube that got me home. I think I got the tube liner cleared (too many years to recall).

    They always prefer the back tire, too…

    Offtopic: did you get the news about the eBay password crack? Had to change mine (very low activity, and it’s been dormant for years). I won’t have to worry about a dictionary attack. [grin]

    1. puncturevines

      Glad we don’t have goathead thorns around here, as the glass is challenging enough.

      Spent fifteen minutes yesterday, picking up the remnants of a beer bottle along the road just north of our driveway. I can think of suitable “public service” penalties for knuckleheads who toss bottles… not that anybody has ever been convicted of littering.

      eBay password crack

      Cuing the Lastpass discussion…

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