More Header Pin Slitting

My stock of single-row header pins seems to be running short, so it’s time for another slitting session:

Header pin slicing
Header pin slicing

Manual CNC, typing bare G-Code directly into LinuxCNC Axis: no reason to turn the cranks by hand.

This makes absolutely no economic sense, but it’s a sticky-hot day and the Basement Laboratory has the dehumidifier. Some day I’ll run into a killer surplus sale of single-row headers and that’ll solve the problem forever…

2 thoughts on “More Header Pin Slitting

  1. I picked up a mess of single-row headers from Goldmine a while back, so it’ll probably be years before I need any more.

    1. Must’a missed that one… [sigh]

      I can usually find one thing in each of their email “sale flyers”, but not quite enough to justify the shipping. Then, the next time around, it’s gone…

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