DIY Vanilla Extract: Vintage 2013

It seems we go through maybe 1.5 l of vanilla extract in a bit over a year , so a month ago I picked up a pound of Grade B Madagascar Vanilla Beans from the usual eBay supplier, two bottles of low-end vodka (Popov and Crystal Palace), and combined them in a pair of apple juice bottles. Fast forward through a month of daily shaking and we have a still life with chopped vanilla beans:

DIY Vanilla Extract 2013
DIY Vanilla Extract 2013

Having established that running the extracted and drained bean chunks through a blender doesn’t produce anything useful, I dumped the chunks into a pair of plastic tubs with loose-fitting lids and put them in the basement. That ought to improve the ambiance down there something fine!

The net yield looks to be a bit over 1.5 liter of extract from each 1.9 liter apple juice jar filled with vodka + chopped beans. The rule of thumb is a quart (= 1 liter) of hooch for each 1/4 pound of beans, but I figure this isn’t an exact science and those jars came from the stockpile.

To my untrained nose, the Crystal Palace vanilla extract smells better than the Popov brew, but I’d be surprised if that makes any difference in the pancakes.

Verily: nothing exceeds like excess!