Stapler Latch Spring Replacement

It’s garden fence stapling season, which means it’s time for the annual stapler annoyance. There’s supposed to be a plastic tab angling under the right side of the latch, pressing against the bottom of the staple channel and forcing the triangular tab on the top out through a small opening. All that’s left is the stub:

Stapler latch - broken spring tab
Stapler latch – broken spring tab

It looks like it ought to be a great 3D printing project, but I came to my senses and snipped off a length of phosphor bronze spring stock, rolled it up, and positioned it inside the opening:

Stapler latch - metal spring fitting
Stapler latch – metal spring fitting

The latch slides into the staple channel until the pin on the side you can see above engages a hole in the channel. The spring looked like this on the way in:

Stapler latch - before closing
Stapler latch – before closing

And now it’s ready for action:

Stapler latch - in place
Stapler latch – in place

Works like a champ and took maybe 15 minutes, tops, to accomplish. Shame it took me a few decades to get around to fixing it, but I finally dropped the clipped-and-filed nail I’d been jamming between the latch and the channel one too many times…