Monthly Picture: Laboratory Study of the Frog

Another page from my father’s Sophomore Biology Laboratory Notebook:

Laboratory Study of the Frog
Laboratory Study of the Frog

This time he got dinged five points for being late, so that’s not anything new with kids these days…

A detailed look at the frog (clicky for more dots):

The Frog
The Frog

They really don’t do labs like they used to…

2 thoughts on “Monthly Picture: Laboratory Study of the Frog

  1. Did your father have natural artistic talent or do you think all the kids, then, were expected to have that level of representational drafting capability?

    1. Yes to both, I think. My uncle Bob was the commercial artist in the family and Dad could do fine diagrams and sketches. He learned drafting at trade school and had gorgeous calligraphic printing. Whether the whole biology class could do that well, I can’t say, but they evidently expected students to maintain a notebook full of drawings, sooo … drawing wasn’t a rare skill.

      That ability bypassed me almost completely, as witnessed by the various shop doodles posted herein, while getting my brother into art school.

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