Glass Wine Corks

The Locust Grove / Morse Estate (yes, that Morse) holds Sunset Sensations fundraisers throughout the year, wherein local restaurants and caterers prepare three food samples based on what’s growing in the historically accurate gardens and a local wine store selects matching wines. Mary and I volunteer as servers and they generally assign me to the wine table; being one of the few volunteers with Y chromosomes, I’m good at toting boxes and yanking corks.

The most recent event featured Cusumano Insolia wine in bottles with glass stoppers:

Glass wine corks - natural light
Glass wine corks – natural light

Front lighting with the flash makes them even more glittery:

Glass wine corks - flash
Glass wine corks – flash

I’m thinking one of these atop a little box with an internal LED would make a dandy nightlight. Maybe etch the stem surface to add a bit of diffuse illumination?

Perhaps I don’t get out nearly enough…

6 thoughts on “Glass Wine Corks

  1. Neat. No o-ring or just the plastic ring at the top? Sort of like the old apothecary bottles.

    >>Perhaps I don’t get out nearly enough…

    Nah, there is always important work to be done … socializing is so overrated ;-)

    1. just the plastic ring at the top

      That’s it: the plastic ring around the stem snapped into an almost imperceptible lip inside the bottle opening. There is absolutely no chance those things will ever fit another bottle, but I couldn’t let them hit the trash can.

      Just what I need: another project to keep me off the streets at night…

  2. I have heard using those glass stoppers is supposed to preserve the flavor and wine better than using a cork. I happen to be used to corks myself. I do think adding LED lights might be a novelty idea. Hey, hope nobody gets to make money off it before you do!

    1. preserve the flavor and wine better

      That’s what I’d think, but isn’t the tree bark in a real cork supposed to add a special quality to the wine? I’m sure some wine snob will object to introducing newfangled plastic into the mix… [grin]

      nobody gets to make money off it before you do!

      I must immediately patent the concept of recycling glass stoppers as decorative illuminated dust-collectors!

  3. You happen to know where I can purchase these glass “corks”?

    1. As nearly as I can tell, they’re available only on top of bottles containing that specific wine. Perhaps you can find those bottles in one of your local wine outlets?

      Even I would hate to special-order a few bottles just for their stoppers… [grin]

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