Storing Sherline CNC Mill Leadscrews

After replacing the Y axis leadscrew, I decided that the X axis leadscrew was in fine shape, because it’s tucked under the table and not exposed to the swarf and grit that fell on the Y axis screw before I installed the bellows. Being that sort of bear, I couldn’t throw out the worn Y axis leadscrew, so I had two rather delicate rods that really needed more protection than a twist of paper.

So I sawed off a length of 1 inch PVC pipe, faced the ends in the lathe, and added two rubbery endcaps from the heap:

Sherline leadscrews stored in PVC pipe
Sherline leadscrews stored in PVC pipe

That fits neatly into the big box alongside the rotary table, with the bag of assorted nuts so they’re all together.

Despite what you see there, the screws are wrapped in paper with a bit of oil, so it’s all good.