Sony NP-FS11 Battery Rebuild Repair

One of the battery packs I’d re-rebuilt failed in short order, which I wrote off to a bad cell and tossed it on the heap. Having recently found a small stack of Round Tuits, I’ve been cleaning off the bench and took the pack apart again. Turns out I blundered the solder joint between the positive cell terminal and the protective circuit board: the strap in the foreground joining those two points didn’t make a good connection to the cells.

I suppose it was just another cold solder joint:

Rebuilt NP-FS11 battery - Pack A
Rebuilt NP-FS11 battery – Pack A

That’s an awkward joint at best, because the protective circuit doesn’t come willingly out of the housing and you (well, I) must solder it without scorching the cells, the plastic case, or the PCB. It can be done, but it’s not easy.

Charged it up and it’s back in the A/B/C pack rotation again.

Memo to Self: Tough to find good repairmen these days, eh?