Converting DICOM X-ray Images to Something Useful

For reasons that aren’t relevant here, we have a CD bearing X-rays of Mary’s shoulder. Of course, they’re in DICOM image format and come with a relentlessly Window-centric viewer that won’t run in Wine and can’t export the files in a more useful format.

Imagemagick to the rescue:

convert /media/floppy/DICOM/997313/00100000 "Mary Shoulder 2.jpg"

Mary Shoulder 2 - detail

Mary Shoulder 2 – detail

They tell us she has great bones and everything worked out fine…

  1. #1 by madbodger on 2012-05-13 - 08:43

    I had a similar issue with an MRI CD in DICOM format. I found Osiris was a great viewer, and let me rotate in 3D, color code things, and had a nice, usable UI. I hear the windoze viewer is a lot harder to use.

  2. #2 by Aki on 2012-05-13 - 10:53

    • #3 by Ed on 2012-05-13 - 11:04

      the pictures are analysed in half an hour at a tenth of the cost that prevails in Finland

      Well, then, that sounds like a done deal… [sigh]

  3. #5 by las artes on 2012-05-16 - 15:02

    Try going to /home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files to see if the programs have been installed there. If so, you may find an exec file that you can run there.

    • #6 by Ed on 2012-05-17 - 09:02

      you may find an exec file

      It’s actually much worse than that: the setup program itself doesn’t complete successfully, so there’s nothing to run!

      Works fine on the Token Windows Laptop, but … then I discovered the program can’t export the images, because that function has been disabled. [grumble]

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