Converting DICOM X-ray Images to Something Useful

For reasons that aren’t relevant here, we have a CD bearing X-rays of Mary’s shoulder. Of course, they’re in DICOM image format and come with a relentlessly Window-centric viewer that won’t run in Wine and can’t export the files in a more useful format.

Imagemagick to the rescue:

convert /media/floppy/DICOM/997313/00100000 "Mary Shoulder 2.jpg"

Mary Shoulder 2 - detail
Mary Shoulder 2 – detail

They tell us she has great bones and everything worked out fine…

7 thoughts on “Converting DICOM X-ray Images to Something Useful

  1. I had a similar issue with an MRI CD in DICOM format. I found Osiris was a great viewer, and let me rotate in 3D, color code things, and had a nice, usable UI. I hear the windoze viewer is a lot harder to use.

    1. the pictures are analysed in half an hour at a tenth of the cost that prevails in Finland

      Well, then, that sounds like a done deal… [sigh]

  2. Try going to /home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files to see if the programs have been installed there. If so, you may find an exec file that you can run there.

    1. you may find an exec file

      It’s actually much worse than that: the setup program itself doesn’t complete successfully, so there’s nothing to run!

      Works fine on the Token Windows Laptop, but … then I discovered the program can’t export the images, because that function has been disabled. [grumble]

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