Driving Course

The on-line driver safety review course that gets us a 10% premium reduction has a few glitches:

Driving Quiz
Driving Quiz

They evidently randomize the answer choices without considering spatial constraints. One question had “All of the above” as the first choice, with all of the other choices being valid.

The helpful tech support voice said they’re looking into fixing that…

OK, time for a Pop Quiz: Is it possible for a human being to write perfect straight lines diagonally across a ruled pad?

Answer: Evidently so. Consider this screen grab…

Driving Plan Image
Driving Plan Image

Taking the course online has the advantage of not requiring a trip or two to a classroom, but kills an hour a day for a week. It’s still a win, although it’d be much better if they didn’t use Adobe Flash.

6 thoughts on “Driving Course

    1. I’ve always wondered whether that electrostatic rotating-drum memory could work with modern components: sort of like a DRAM wrapped around a lathe mandrel.

      Hmmm. It’d be a big hit with the Steampunk crowd…

  1. Any questions covering the anemometer calibration? I’ve got a book where a dude is holding an anemometer out of the window of a moving Volvo (on page 149). The picture was taken about 30 years ago. Nowadays he is driving a BMW.

    1. Nary a one, alas.

      We are, however, told to keep the windows open so we can hear what’s going on around us. Not that anyone other than smokers and mega-bass fans even considers doing that.

      Keeping the windows open directly contradicts the recommendation to close the windows and run the air conditioner to maximize fuel mileage…

    1. That looks like a good day to stay indoors and play with one’s toys… which is the weather we have on tap for the next few days around here.

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