EAGLE Library: 10 W Aluminum Power Resistor

It appears there are at least two different 10 W aluminum resistor sizes: the one used by Dale and the one used by everybody else. It’s either that or the EAGLE HS10 symbol is wrong…

Using those dimensions, here’s a part that more closely fits the resistors in my heap. EAGLE 6 uses an XML file format, so you can stuff some ASCII text into the appropriate sections of your custom.lbr file (or whatever).

The EAGLE package, which remains HS10 as in the resistor-power library, should produce something that looks like this:

EAGLE 10 W Resistor package
EAGLE 10 W Resistor package

The XML code includes top-keepout rectangles under the body footprint:

<package name="HS10">
<description>DALE Power Resistor 10W</description>
<wire x1="9.525" y1="5.461" x2="9.525" y2="10.3378" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="9.525" y1="10.3378" x2="4.6482" y2="10.3378" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-9.525" y1="-5.461" x2="-4.6482" y2="-5.461" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-4.6482" y1="-5.461" x2="9.525" y2="-5.461" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="9.525" y1="-5.461" x2="9.525" y2="5.461" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="9.525" y1="5.461" x2="4.6482" y2="5.461" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="4.6482" y1="5.461" x2="-9.525" y2="5.461" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-9.525" y1="5.461" x2="-9.525" y2="-5.461" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="4.6482" y1="5.461" x2="4.6482" y2="10.3378" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-9.525" y1="-5.461" x2="-9.525" y2="-10.3378" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-9.525" y1="-10.3378" x2="-4.6482" y2="-10.3378" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-4.6482" y1="-5.461" x2="-4.6482" y2="-10.3378" width="0.2032" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-9.47" y1="0.5" x2="-17.78" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-17.78" y1="0.5" x2="-17.78" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-17.78" y1="-0.5" x2="-9.47" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="9.47" y1="-0.5" x2="17.78" y2="-0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="17.78" y1="-0.5" x2="17.78" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="17.78" y1="0.5" x2="9.47" y2="0.5" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<pad name="1" x="-15.24" y="0" drill="1.3" shape="octagon"/>
<pad name="2" x="15.24" y="0" drill="1.3" shape="octagon"/>
<text x="-6.35" y="1.27" size="1.27" layer="25">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="-6.35" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27">&gt;VALUE</text>
<rectangle x1="-9.779" y1="-5.715" x2="9.779" y2="5.715" layer="43"/>
<rectangle x1="4.318" y1="5.715" x2="9.779" y2="10.668" layer="43"/>
<rectangle x1="-9.779" y1="-10.668" x2="-4.318" y2="-5.715" layer="43"/>
<hole x="-7.1374" y="-7.9375" drill="2.3876"/>
<hole x="7.1374" y="7.9375" drill="2.3876"/>

The EAGLE symbol looks just an ordinary schematic resistor:

<symbol name="RESISTOR">
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="0" x2="-2.159" y2="1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-2.159" y1="1.016" x2="-1.524" y2="-1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-1.524" y1="-1.016" x2="-0.889" y2="1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-0.889" y1="1.016" x2="-0.254" y2="-1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-0.254" y1="-1.016" x2="0.381" y2="1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="0.381" y1="1.016" x2="1.016" y2="-1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="1.016" y1="-1.016" x2="1.651" y2="1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="1.651" y1="1.016" x2="2.286" y2="-1.016" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="2.286" y1="-1.016" x2="2.54" y2="0" width="0.2032" layer="94"/>
<text x="-3.81" y="1.4986" size="1.778" layer="95">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="-3.81" y="-3.302" size="1.778" layer="96">&gt;VALUE</text>
<pin name="2" x="5.08" y="0" visible="off" length="short" direction="pas" swaplevel="1" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="1" x="-5.08" y="0" visible="off" length="short" direction="pas" swaplevel="1"/>

And then the EAGLE resistor device lashes everything together:

<deviceset name="R" prefix="R" uservalue="yes">
<gate name="R" symbol="RESISTOR" x="0" y="0"/>
... many more devices...
<device name="ALUM-10W" package="HS10">
<connect gate="R" pin="1" pad="1"/>
<connect gate="R" pin="2" pad="2"/>
<technology name=""/>
... many more devices ...

Update the libraries and then it should Just Work.

It would have been much better had I discovered this before drilling & etching the board with one of those resistors…

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