Harbor Freight 1 kg Scale: Warranty Terms and Count Instruction

So I picked up a cheap digital scale at Harbor Freight because it can count parts based on weight. After all the dust settled, it was on sale for about $8, which tells you just about all you need to know, and the “5 Year Warranty” looked generous on the box:

Harbor Freight 1 kg Scale
Harbor Freight 1 kg Scale

Alas, the fine print taketh away (clicky for more dots):


Ah, well, all this stuff is disposable anyway, right? Nobody’d ever try to fix it…

The instructions for the Count function omit a step. In order to invoke the Count function, do this dance:

  • Turn it on
  • Count exactly 10 pieces on the scale, wait for stabilization
  • Press-and-hold PCS until the display shows 10
  • Release PCS
  • Press PCS briefly; the pcs annunciator turns on (they omitted that)
  • The display will still show 10, which is the number of pieces
  • Now you can weigh stuff and read off their counts

The scale resolution is 0.1 gram, so SMD resistors just aren’t going to count properly at all. It’s best if you add the entire group at one time, rather than trickle parts into the pan.

The instructions in full (clicky for more dots):


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