Ubuntu 11.10 vs. Epson R380 Printer: FAIL

After getting everything configured, I hauled the Atom to the Basement Laboratory Computational Center, set the IP address, brought it up as the new file server, backed up the changed files, and everything worked fine. Then I plugged in all three printers, lit up the CUPS configuration screen, and configured the, uh-oh, two printers it could find.

Turns out that the Epson R380 printer, being a member of the Epson R300 series of printers, doesn’t work with the USB subsystem in Ubuntu 11.10, for reasons that’ll surely get sorted out in a few months. Until then, it’s a showstopper for me.

So I shut everything down, yanked out the Atom, plugged in the old AMD box, reconnected everything, restored the changed files from backup, and we’re back to where we were a few days ago. I’ll swap in the old drive and slide the Atom underneath the Thing-O-Matic again.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 11.10 vs. Epson R380 Printer: FAIL

  1. HP laserjet family and a stack of others fail over USB also. You’d think Canonical would actually regression test before they release!?!? Not good enough Mr Spaceshuttle.

    1. The HPLJ1200 seemed to work well enough to print a test page, which I took as a Good Sign…

      Perhaps there’s no way to test the universe of hardware other than by releasing the code and letting users thrash it for a while, but I lost my enthusiasm for beta testing long ago.

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