Corelle Fragments

I fumble-fingered a plate, it fell between my tummy and the counter, and hit the floor edge-on. There’s a lot of energy stored in that stretched-glass ceramic layer! [Update: The glass is under compression.]

Shattered Corelle plate on floor
Shattered Corelle plate on floor

The fragments tend to be slivers rather than chunks, all with better-than-razor-sharp edges:

Corelle slivers
Corelle slivers

A bit more detail on Corelle in that post

5 thoughts on “Corelle Fragments

    1. And that’s not even with the glass outer coating!

      Of course, when a mug like that hits the floor, it leaves a nasty dent before shattering into a zillion pieces…

  1. Video shows what happens pretty clearly. Pity it doesn’t show how you can whack the glass bulb with a hammer till you’re blue in the face without it shattering…. but snap a tiny bit off its thin tail and it will explosively disintegrate.

    1. snap a tiny bit off its thin tail

      I’m surprised our plates haven’t detonated in the cupbord by now: they’re chipped around the edges from rattling in the dishwasher. Turns out the plastic coating on the rack wires developed little gaps where the plates bear down…

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