DNS Optimization

A discussion on the MHV LUG mailing list pointed to the Gibson Research DNSBench utility. Letting it chew on all the nameservers it can find, then mulling over the results for a bit, produced this short list:

  • NY Public Library:
  • Level 3 Comm: or .5
  • Yale: or 11
  • NTT:

Feed those into Network Manager (or /etc/resolv.conf) in some permuted order and away you go… at least if you’re near Poughkeepsie and using Optimum Online. Change anything and the results will differ.

I’d been using OpenDNS at 208.67.22[02].22[02], but the new ones test out as marginally faster and are certainly more diverse. Who knew NYPL ran a DNS?

10 thoughts on “DNS Optimization

  1. UUnet has wretched customer service, but their caching name server is fast, near me and well connected, so even though I haven’t bought connectivity from them for a long time, I still use their nameserver at I memorized its IP address for use when I’m in a DNS-broken situation but have some sort of connectivity.

    1. nameserver at

      Ow! I’d blunder that every time: too many digits in common with the 192.168.x.x. private block behind the firewall here!

  2. L3 also runs which I find easier to remember. :) Though I’m told they aren’t very happy about the amount of random traffic they get.

    1. Dunno. They have 0.8% of the entire IPV4 address space, inherited from BBN, so the rest of us probably look like roundoff error.

      Can you look at the roster of companies on that list and not wonder what some of them do with all those IP addresses?

  3. Also, OpenDNS is about fourteen kinds of utter evil, just FYI. :)

    1. Yeah, but they were miles better than Optimum Online’s in-house DNS, back when I last thought about such things…

  4. I use the Google public DNS in the “I can’t remember an IP for DNS” scenario. Only 1 digit to remember :)

  5. Or of course, if your regular nameserver is having a temporary hiccup and you don’t need the Internet except for a small lookup, don’t forget

    $ nslookup w3.org
    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name:	w3.org

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